Sunday, 10 February 2013

[REL] TheLozza's ENB Series

- Small FPS loss (-8 fps on my pc)
- No over brightness/bloom
- No fuzzy blurring and focusing glitches
- No over reflective planes
- Perfect sky brightness 
- Perfect shadow quality
- Custscenes work perfectly
- Realistic contrast
- Transparent water
- Realtime reflections
- Doesn't ruin the lore of the game
- Only 2 files you have to install 
- Released on youtube video with over 700 downloads already!
I'm back:)


  1. We were very good vehicles, a question: Will you continue making skins for Killing Floor and STALKER ?

  2. can you please make samp version?

  3. Dude, can you help me with my enb?
    I'm using your enb, everything's fine until I re-installed my OS, now everything's blurry when I turn on my enb.

  4. Superb work , i come across your website via google and i found it intresting and with good PR.thnx
    Full Version Pc Game